Christian Metal

Christian metal is a genre of music that celebrates and glorifies God through its distinctive sound, offering praise to Jesus Christ with its lyrics and tempo, providing a unique avenue for expressing faith.

Exploring the Subgenre

Also known as white metal, Jesus metal, or heavenly metal, this subgenre is characterized by its Christian-themed lyrics, setting it apart from other forms of metal music. Its focus on Christ distinguishes it and attracts individuals who may not conform to traditional church culture.

Although relatively recent, white metal has gained popularity among Christians seeking to express their spirituality through music. Its appeal also extends to non-Christians, providing an accessible entry point into Christian themes through music.

Christian Metal

The Brief History of Subgenre

The roots of Jesus metal can be traced back to the Jesus movement, where early Christians drawn to heavy metal began infusing Christian messages into their music. Larry Norman, often regarded as the pioneer of white rock, recorded an influential album that laid the groundwork for the genre.

Notable Bands

Christian metal bands have been active for decades, predating the mainstream rise of bands like Metallica. Deliverance, a prominent Christian thrash metal group since 1992, gained acclaim for their album “Bleeding Love.”

In the 1990s, Demon Hunter, a Christian metalcore band from Seattle, made waves with their debut album “No Flesh Spared,” particularly with the hit song “Die Happy.”

Other notable bands in the Christian metal scene include Besieged and Besiege, who debuted their albums and signed with Blood and Ink Records.


Christian metal serves as an impactful medium for sharing the message of Jesus. This evolving movement has effectively raised awareness about Christianity, with bands offering fresh perspectives and authentic expressions of real-life experiences and emotions through their lyrics.