How to Make a Popular Song

Creating a hit song is both an art and a challenge. While it may seem straightforward, the process is far from easy.

Being a talented poet or performer doesn’t guarantee instant success in songwriting. Songwriters operate in a unique realm where rhyme scheme and rhythm play vital roles.

Understanding the Basics of Songwriting

Crafting lyrics to fit a melody is a fundamental aspect of songwriting. At, we delve into various techniques for writing songs across different genres.

Approaches to Songwriting

  1. Writing to an Existing Melody: This approach, often termed “writing on a fish,” is the most common method. Songwriters receive a pre-existing melody, with or without vocals, and build lyrics around it. The mood of the music guides the lyrical theme, sometimes sparking inspiration for the songwriter.
  2. Crafting Music and Lyrics Simultaneously: Some songwriters prefer to create both music and lyrics concurrently, allowing each element to influence the other. This approach fosters cohesion between the words and melody, ensuring they complement each other seamlessly.

Key Considerations

  • Harmony between Lyrics and Melody: It’s essential for the lyrics to harmonize with the melody, creating a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience. Any mismatches or awkward phrasings should be revised to maintain fluidity.
  • Focus on Singability: A successful song should be easy for listeners to sing along to. Avoid overly complex or tongue-twisting lyrics, ensuring smooth vocal delivery and audience engagement.

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Crafting Music: Turn Your Words into Melodies

When it comes to composing music, there are various approaches to consider. One method involves creating a text first and then crafting music to complement it. While this option offers creative freedom, it also presents challenges.

Creating Music for Existing Text

This approach allows for full creative flexibility. You start by selecting a favorite subject, determining the style, and establishing the pace of the song. As you craft the lyrics, focus on making them easily recognizable and relatable to listeners from all walks of life.

Accessible Themes for Hit Songs

For a song to have the potential to become a hit, it must address universal themes and concerns. The subject should resonate with a wide audience, from businessmen to housekeepers. Remember, simplicity is key. Avoid using complex terminology, intricate twists, or logical chains in your lyrics. Hits are all about evoking emotional responses without requiring deep thought.

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Key Aspects of Crafting a Memorable Song

  1. Memorable Melodies: Popular songs often have melodies that stick in our minds, even if we don’t remember all the lyrics. Aim for simplicity and catchiness in your music composition.
  2. Powerful Choruses: Choose a memorable phrase or statement to serve as the song’s chorus. This phrase, typically echoing the song’s title, should be repeated throughout the song, making it easy for listeners to remember.
  3. Universal Themes: Address themes that resonate with a broad audience. Love, for example, is a timeless and universally relatable topic.

These are just the fundamental principles of crafting hit songs. By focusing on simplicity, accessibility, and memorable elements, you can increase the chances of creating music that resonates with listeners worldwide.